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InfraTech Innovation Award 2022 - sign up now!

The InfraTech Innovation Award will be presented for the fourth time at InfraTech 2022. It offers the German infrastructure market a forum to demonstrate its own creativity and innovative strength. The InfraTech "Young Talent Award for Students” is being awarded for the third time to support young talent in the industry. The innovation award covers all topics of the InfraTech trade fair, these are the areas of civil engineering, road construction and hydraulic engineering, supply and disposal, public space design and mobility and energy and the environment. All contributions will be exhibited in the innovation award gallery at the InfraTech 2022 exhibition center and will be presented on the website



Participation in the InfraTech Innovation Award is open to people and companies from the infrastructure industry. Students can submit their proposals for the "Young Talent Award". It is therefore not necessary to be an exhibitor at InfraTech 2022.


If you would like to apply for the InfraTech Innovation Award, please let us know. You can sign up by sending an e-mail to by Monday 8 November 2021 at the latest.

Work out your innovation on a poster (DIN A0f format) on which the innovation is clearly presented and explained. On the poster both the title of the entry and the names of the participants are stated. Attach a written explanation of your innovation to this poster, no more than one A4 page. New for this year is the additional requirement to also submit a video about how the innovation works (format .mp4 (via iPhone), .avi or .mpg with a maximum duration of 90 seconds). The video - or a cut made by the organizer - is shown in an appealing way on the website and on the exhibition area and is used to advertise the innovation award.


You can find more information about the conditions of participation in the regulations of the InfraTech Innovation Award 2022 at - German page. All applications must be submitted in German. 

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