Civil engineering, road construction and hydraulic engineering

In addition to the rehabilitation and expansion of roads, railways and waterways, the acceleration of construction processes is a sensible measure to prevent standstills and traffic congestion. In May 2018, North Rhine-Westphalia's Minister of Transport, Hendrik Wüst, presented an infrastructure package that included, among other things, the establishment of central construction time controlling and the amendment of the Roads and Highways Act. Increasingly precise software systems or the use of drones also contribute to faster planning, calculation and implementation of construction measures.

A look abroad is also worthwhile: In Japan, for example, is the use of intelligent machines now mandatory for some infrastructure measures in order to complete the work quickly and reduce traffic jams.

For whom?

  • Demolition and recycling
  • Construction chemistry
  • Building materials
  • Construction machinery
  • Drainage
  • Geotechnics
  • Energy and Environment
  • Sewer construction, inspection, cleaning, relining and rehabilitation
  • Noise protection
  • Paving
  • Pipe and line construction
  • Manholes, manhole covers
  • Special civil engineering and foundation methods
  • Road, track and path construction, earthwork and foundation engineering
  • Hydraulic engineering, coastal and flood protection
  • Civil engineering, tunnel construction and bridge construction
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