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Next edition:
14-16 January 2020
Messe Essen, Germany

The unmanned systems expo for the infra sector

The unmanned systems expo for the infra sector

Unmanned systems, robotics and automation are well placed to help the infrastructure industry overcome future challenges. InfraTech embraces the vision of a society where infrastructure engineering is undertaken with zero disruption to human activity and zero environmental impact.

We look forward to a world where cities and infrastructural works will proactively be maintained by teams of autonomous robots that will generate and process information about the health state of different assets. An industry where no separation will exist between sensing and repair as robotic systems will be capable of performing both tasks seamlessly.

Future infrastructures will be created autonomously by robots on-site. Unmanned systems will draw on data from smart cities and autonomous vehicles using advanced communication systems, artificial intelligence algorithms and cloud technology. This future will result in a healthier, happier and more productive society.

InfraTech believes Unmanned Systems and Robotics to be a transformative technology that will revolutionise the economy, leading to a new era of smart resources and infrastructure management. By adding The Unmanned Systems Area, InfraTech creates a dedicated forum and live business platform for commercial, scientific and governmental  stakeholders who are involved in the creation and implementation of unmanned systems and robotics within the Infra sector.

Check the online floorplan to see The Unmanned Systems Area. 

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Why exhibit?

Why exhibit?

TUS Expo Infra offers all the right ingredients for boosting your business. The event will feature a balanced mix of commercial stands, technical demonstrations, matchmaking facilities and a dedicated two-day conference program. The proven track record of InfraTech combined with the targeted focus of TUS Expo creates a unique opportunity to engage with a dedicated audience. This is the place where infra contractors are present. This is the place where all stakeholders of unmanned systems and robotics within the infrastructure sector get connected.

Exhibiting at TUS Expo is particularly interesting for scientific, technology & research institutes, commercial manufacturers, equipment & service providers, regulators, innovators and incubators in the field of:

  • Remote inspection and maintenance of infrastructures at height (e.g. bridge inspection)
  • Drones and other unmanned vehicles for autonomous inspection, sensing, diagnostics, repair and prevention of defects (e.g. potholes) 
  • Unmanned survey systems for precise site measurements on land, in air and underground
  • Autonomous robots to perform underwater or underground infrastructure inspection, repair, and preventive defect maintenance.
  • Robots designed to operate indefinitely, performing inspection, repair, metering and security  reporting tasks (e.g. robots operating in live water mains)
  • Artificial intelligence (AI), machine  learning, reinforcement learning en deep learning
  • Big data, data analytics en business intelligence (BI) for effective, verifiable and trustworthy operation of robots interfaced through advanced communications with the smart city (e.g. robots to remotely augment building information models through the cloud).
  • Smart grids, smart mobility, smart cities
  • Afreirobots, exoskeletons and other robotic technologies to help remedy ongoing skills shortages in the work of infrastructure

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What to expect during your visit?

What to expect during your visit?

TUS Expo Infra is a must attend event for infrastructure contractors, project developers, developers of public realm, (local) governments, end-users of unmanned systems e.g. construction, survey, inspection and maintenance companies, engineers, architects, consultants, system integrators, banks, financial and insurance institutions, researchers and scientists and technical students.

Get in contact with key industry players and scientific experts of Unmanned Sytems and explore the strategic advantages for the infrastructure industry.

  • Improve safety: more frequent inspections - better access to remote locations - earlier detection of defects -  preventing escalation of damage. 
  • Improve efficiency: the same outcome with less costs using robots.
  • Improve the environment: lower energy consumption, lower waste of materials.
  • Improve labour conditions: avoid dirty, dull and dangerous jobs.
  • Improve insights: predicting and understanding "future" asset health through advanced sensing and artificial intelligence algorithms will impact on the full life cycle of infrastructure.

Unmanned system working fields: 

  • Pre-Investigation:  inspect ground conditions and site geology prior to commencement of works.
  • Site Surveys: precise measurements aspects of sites; on land, in air and underground.
  • Monitoring: Continuous monitoring to ensure safe and successful operations such as piling, and earth removal.
  • Construction & Creation:  improvements in speed, quality, and safety of infrastructure creation including advances in off-site fabrication technologies.
  • Inspection: continuous inspection of infrastructural works by highly efficient and accurate automated technologies for detecting defects
  • Maintenance:  regular repeated operations over infrastructure lifetime to ensure effective operation.
  • Repairs:  removal, replacement, modification and augmentation of in situ live infrastructure.
  • Dismantle & Dispose:  taking apart structures through unfastening or breaking and harvesting material for environmental disposals.

Conference programme

More information about TUS Expo?

More information about TUS Expo?

Do you want more information about TUS Expo? Feel free to ask any questions, please contact Looking for a specific colleague? Meet the TUS Expo team


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